The Powerful Project is a storytelling photographic series by, about, and for women, non-binary individuals, or anyone who has experienced oppression based on their gender or non-gender. Here you’ll find stories of vulnerability and stories of strength. You’ll find tales of sacrifice and suffering, alongside tales of joy and triumph.

This project seeks to reveal how every one of the participants has suffered, and yet, still retains a strength and power that can never truly be lost. This manifests in different ways for each person, but the underlying theme is the same: We all experience vulnerability, fear, failure, and pain…but we all possess the strength to overcome and persist beyond that suffering. We are all more powerful than we’ve been allowed to realize.

The Powerful Project’s primary goal is to empower and support the participants, while also providing hope and solidarity to those who may view their images and stories. We aspire to create a worldwide movement of individuals proudly sharing their stories and embracing the undeniable strength that exists in every single one of us, during a time in which that strength is constantly challenged and put into question.


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