Be a good Latina. You need to wear makeup. You need to attract the boys. One of them
will be your husband.

Why do you want to go to college? You need to find a husband. Your husband will
provide for you. Even though he doesn’t have a college degree. Even though he’s away
for the whole week doing construction halfway across the state, and all you have is

Be a good Latina. Your education will never liberate you from the burden of being a woman. Being a Latina means always living a slave to machismo, man’s rule.

Be a good Latina. GET MARRIED. Even if you know your husband is going to leave
you. Like your mother. Like your grandmother. Like your great-grandmother. It’s your
inheritance. Don’t you want to be a part of this legacy?

And when your husband leaves you, he will leave you with the kids. But now you don’t
have a college education and you can’t raise them.

Be a good Latina. You are undocumented. And you may be gone soon and then you’ll
be sent to the father you haven’t seen in years. The one who left you on the day you
were born, remember? But he’ll know what to do with you. You’ll have to get married
right away. And then you’ll be a good Latina.

Be a good Latina. Your college degree won’t save you when ICE comes to get you. It’s
an associate’s, and you are struggling, struggling so hard to get that bachelor’s. You
think you can find yourself a job over there, respectable-like, so you won’t have to get
married. Use your college degree like a man-repellant. Because that, that’s why you get
a college degree.

Be a good Latina. Even though you now have a college degree, and you can set your
sights higher. Even though you’re successful, and you make more money than them,
why do you need power over your own fate? You should’ve been pretending to cook
when you were a child, not being a tomboy. You should have been a proper girl from
Guatemala. Of course they called you “American Piglet.”

Wait, what do you mean you want to take your uterus out? What do you mean that you
don’t want to have kids? You know you will be cast aside, right? By your mother’s side
of the family. And that’s the nice half. You don’t want to be like us?

What are we saying that is so bad? You’re spending your whole life trying not to become
us. You do not want to be like us?

You don’t want to be like us?

You don’t want to be like us?

You don’t want to be like us?

You don’t want to be like us?


I don’t have to.